Our mission: To offer world-class, carrier grade call quality anywhere in the world—with significant savings.

International mobile calling has traditionally had two major drawbacks: poor quality calls and exorbitant international roaming rates. It’s a problem that costs businesses millions of dollars every year—with high international calling rates that cut significantly into their bottom line. Until now, the only way to avoid these charges has been to swap out a phone’s SIM card or use a SIM overlay, which is a hassle for frequent travelers, those going to multiple destinations, and companies with large teams of traveling employees.

Voyport was founded with the goal of finding a better, easier, more affordable way of conducting business internationally. Backed by years of experience in the international telecommunications industry, Voyport offers an integrated and sophisticated technology platform to provide world-class call quality, no matter where your business takes you. This platform, combined with solid global partnerships, allows us to deliver on our mission of providing a premier international cell phone service for cost-conscious companies and international travelers looking for a simple solution that saves money.

Our philosophy: Make it easy to save

Companies face increasing pressure to provide greater visibility into travel costs. However, cutting spending at the expense of travelers’ abilities to do their jobs is not the answer, and going with a cheap wireless solution that constantly drops calls will only end up costing companies more in the long run.

That’s why we’ve created a real solution—one that cuts costs without sacrificing quality. Designed by corporate travel executives, the Voyport mobile app significantly reduces international roaming costs by bypassing major wireless carriers. Our service offers an easy-to-install app, 24/7 live concierge service, at-a-touch billing, and excellent call quality at significant savings. So your road warriors don’t have to worry about how much they’re spending to do business – they can focus on building it and driving results.